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Neuroscience BA or BS/MS Program

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Our faculty and students have discussed the numerous articles suggesting graduate programs are creating a glut of PhDs.  This is especially relevant in Neuroscience where the number of PhDs has increased 42% between 2006-2011 (Sally Rockey, Ph.D., NIH’s deputy director for extramural research, her blog “Rock Talk”).  One potential reason for the increase is the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience programs.  Another reason is the increase of neuroscience programs (Philippidis, 2013).  Nonetheless, the number of traditional academic and research positions has not shown the same degree of growth.  Indeed, in some cases, industry can provide more opportunities for MS graduates that PhD graduates.  Development of MS degree programs was also one initiative recommended in the NIH Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group Report (2012).  The Graduate School and the Neuroscience Program have initiated several career development opportunities to address these concerns and provide our students with a competitive edge for pursuing various career options.